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Individual Counselling  60 minutes

I look forward to joining with you to bring perspective to your circumstances and help you to identify your strengths, resources and opportunities for change.

Couples Counselling  1.5-2 hrs

Whether you require assistance growing and communicating to maintain or strengthen your relationship, or feel that are at a breaking point, I look forward to joining with you in this process.

Family Counselling  1.5-2 hrs

Whether you are navigating relationship as parents, adult children, siblings or in-laws these sessions can bring clarity and perspective to communication and healthy relationships.

Individual Brief Therapy  60 - 120 minutes

If you are an individual requiring just one or two session to navigate through a particular challenge or boost to your wellbeing this session is for you. These will take place in a 1-2 hour window depending on your needs, and you will only be charged for the time required.  If you should require follow-up session we can discuss this. 

Please Note:

Spiritual Perspective

Spirituality is an essential aspect of wellbeing. I am honoured to work with people of all spiritual beliefs.  If a Christian perspective is of value to you, please let me know you would like to include this resource into our work together.  

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