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You can expect me to ....


believe that you are the expert of your life

I believe that you are the expert in your own life and my role is to join with you to bring perspective to your circumstances and help you to identify your strengths, resources and opportunities for change. Together we will recognize your needs and values and identify your goals.

big picture

consider the big picture not just the problem

Though our challenges may feel consuming at times they are part of our experience, they do not define us. We are whole beings consisting of our mind, body, spirit and relationships. We are members of communities and subject to many structures that impact or lives daily.

beliefs and thoughts

explore any unhelpful thoughts beliefs that may be impacting your life

Each of us have been shaped by our environment, experiences and genetics. Many of us have adapted by adopting unhelpful beliefs and patterns that hold us back from experiencing healthy relationships with others and ourselves.

Where thoughts and beliefs are barriers, I will encourage you to discover and remind yourself of what is true.


Where you feel enslaved to patterns and behaviors, we will work together toward empowerment and freedom.



provide unbiased perspective and support

Whether you feel trapped in a self defeating pattern of your thoughts and/or behaviours, or you are uncertain of why you’re struggling to experience well being, having an unbiased perspective can be helpful to creating change.

When you are in a season of life that is painful, whether it be the result of illness, circumstantial hardship or relationships, support can be a crucial part of not only surviving the journey but also finding meaning in it.

safe confidential

provide a safe and confidential environment

When your circumstances leave you feeling isolated or alone, having a safe confidential space to be heard can be key to healing and moving forward.

Please Note:

Spirituality is an essential aspect of wellbeing. I am honoured to work with people of all spiritual beliefs.  If a Christian perspective is of value to you, please let me know you would like to include this resource into our work together. 

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